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Apache Kafka® KRaft Abandons the Zoo(Keeper)
For several years Apache Kafka® has been modified to remove the dependency on Apache ZooKeeper™ for meta-data management, using a new protocol called KRaft (“Kafka Raft”, a combination of Kafka topics and the Raft consensus algorithm). In theory, this should make Kafka more scalable, allow for clusters with more partitions, and make Kafka clusters easier to run.

In this webinar we provide a brief overview of Kafka, KRaft and Zookeeper, compare the performances of Zookeeper and KRaft through a series of experiments, find out if we can create a cluster with 1 Million (or more) partitions in practice, and draw final conclusions to help determine which one is right for your use case.

Who Should Attend:
- Kafka Engineers
- DevOps Engineers
- Architects
- Open Source Contributors


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